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BioScript is a comprehensive and personalized prescription medication monitoring protocol that provides patient risk-assessment tools and lifestyle coaching resources to address the issues of abuse and addiction associated with many pain and psychotropic medications. Finally, physicians have the answer to the question, "What do I do for my patient when they report an inconsistent medication monitoring result?"

BioConfirm Laboratories, home of BioScript, combines web and mobile based applications, state of the art diagnostic platforms, a world class laboratory, as well as a peer reviewed behavioral health guidance program to provide physicians and patients the support needed to address the unintended chemical dependency consequences they confront. Through BioConfirm's BioScript program, results are more than a test. They represent a set of data points that are combined to develop a comprehensive solution that truly helps patients and physicians work together to prevent the pitfalls of abuse and addiction. This is a one-of-a-kind program only offered through BioConfirm Laboratories.

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A quick DAST-10 based tablet tool that follows the ASIPP guidelines and provides a risk abuse profile on your medication management patients.

A world class laboratory facility specializing in pharmacogenetics and toxicology coupled with mobile app technology and truly integrated online tools that give you just-in-time data which can be easily implemented into your current workflow.

A unique mobile app that aids in the interpretation of patient confirmatory results and assists you with connecting your patients to the MyHealthBridge support network.

A personalized behavioral health lifestyle coaching program, for patients and physicians, that reviews current prescriptions and test results and educates patients on the pitfalls of abuse and addiction as well as identify community resources for further follow-up.

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Webinar: Learn How MyHealthBridge Connects Your Patients with the Support They Need

July 9, 2016

We have found that family practice and general practice prescribers are starting to feel that they are stuck between a rock and a hard place without the resources that they need to effectively treat their medication monitoring patients. For years, they have been told that they need to see these patients and test them frequently, but what do they do if they have an inconsistent toxicology report? Dr. Susan Blank MD, President of the Georgia Society of Addiction Medication and Tom Connell, Director of Behavioral Health at BioConfirm Laboratories discuss a new solution aimed at providing physicians the tools they need to feel more comfortable managing this specific patient population. 


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